About Us
About Our Business

Studio D’Art was founded in 2001 when its sole designer, Dan
Sayre of Akron Ohio, could not find a switch plate cover to fit in the
dining room of the house he just purchased.  Having extensive
training and a deep passion for art, Dan decided to design a cover
himself.  Upon the completion of its design, it received such
enthusiastic reviews that he was inspired to take his love for art
and design and venture into the realm of metal smithing.

Since Dan could hold a crayon he has surrounded every aspect of
his life with art.  In high school, Dan studied many forms of art such
as graphic design, painting, sculpting, sketching, photography and
art history.  He was also part of FAVA (Fine Arts
Volunteer Army), an organization that would take vandalized
buildings and restore them.  Upon graduation, he was accepted
into The Art Institute of Pittsburgh as part of the Graphic Design
program. Dan decided to decline this invite and follow his true
desire and pursue his dream of Architecture by enrolling in courses
at Kent State University.  

Dan is a self-taught metal smith.  All designs are custom, one-of-a
kind and each are hand cut by the artist.  Dan’s designs could be
described as modern and very abstract.  Some people have even
described his work as something out of Dr. Suess.  He creates
such funky designs as mirrors, switch plate covers, tables and
lamps.  Dan also does a lot of custom work and designs for
customer homes. He has spent the last few summers traveling all
over Ohio attending Fine Art shows and has won several awards
such as 3rd in Show, Best Booth Design and several honorable
mentions. His work has been featured in the Works Gallery in Kent,
Ohio and at MOCA, The Contemporary Museum of Fine Arts in
Cleveland, Ohio, and 13th Floor Gallery in Canton, Ohio.

Danny Ray Sayre